About Bosphorus Bridge

The historic Bridge between Europe and Asia was built in the 1970s and today stands still as the 4th longest suspension bridge. Today it is not just part of the daily commute for many Istanbul residents but also an important a visible reminder of the friendship between two continents that is expressed in the Turkish way of life.

About bosphorus-bridge-turkey.com

Although well known to both locals and experienced visitors to Turkey there are some who are not familiar with bridge and its importance. So this site aims to be a guide for those visiting the bridge, giving some key information and useful facts for those visiting the area.  Whether you are in Istanbul for a day and cross the bridge once, or staying here for a week and having it as a perpetual backdrop to your experience you’ll find important FastFacts here at bosphorus-bridge-turkey.com!

For more information please contact us, or just turn up and enjoy the experience!

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