We extend our sincere thanks to the many talented visitors to Istanbul who have photographed it in all the glory and made creative images of the city and of the bridge available for use via Creative Commons license.  Here are the details of the images which have been used in this site.


3127587482_bd7668196a_o.jpg and 3123060123_b2410ba2bb_o.jpg and 3123888728_ef3b8f6930_o.jpg by Frank Kovalchek

2239455404_d7726d2d1b_o.jpg by Senol Demir

4262381746_ab3f37a5a3_o.jpg by Antti T. Nissinen


8291185494_ea2ce0c59c_o.jpg and 8291196158_ec90433819_o.jpg by Jorge Láscar


Other images are Public Domain