Foods at Bosphorus Bridge

All people love their food, and the Turkish are no different! With the baking and bread traditions of Europe mixing with the spices of the east, and combined with the fresh seafood plucked directly from nearby waters, the cuisine of Istanbul is without a doubt the most interesting in the world.  Sit in a restaurant under the Bosphorus Bridge and enjoy this unique blending of Europe and Asia, or walk the river front and the streets to select from the many tasty seasonal snacks. 

Winter brings out the roasted chestnuts or “Kestane” sellers while in the summer months the harvest of sweet yellow corn allows street vendors to offer “Mısır”, boiled or roasted and seasoned with that unique Turkish touch.

 Beside another of the great bridges of the city, the Galata Bridge, offers many snack and drink stands and on the shore beside it you can have the famed “fish and bread” or “Balık ekmek” which is cooked on boats moored on the water front and served from little kiosks in the traditional way. 

Of course one of the most famed Turkish foods is Doner Kebabs, and unlike some ethnic foods in this case it really is a tradition of the city and you will find many vendors offering this delicious food in a variety of different forms.  While checking out the shopping on the busy Istiklal Caddesi see that there are plenty of kebap shops offering things such as İskedender , Pilav Üstü Döner, and Dürüm – each different varieties of this traditional fast food.