How to get to the Bosphorus Bridge

Being so centrally located, it is always easy to find. However due to the crowded roads and the busy state of the city at much of the time it is wise to plan your tips to and from the bridge with care.

From International Airport

There are actually two international airports serving Istanbul, the first and most important is Atatürk International Airport named after the great founder of modern Turkey Mustafa Kemal Atatürk.  Operating since 1924 it is by far the largest in the country in terms of passengers and hence you will find it both well equiped, yet also busy and at times difficult to navigate.

Located only 25 km away from the bridge it is easy to to move between them using either public transport or private car.

For a visitor for the first time to the city a pre-arranged airport transfer car organised by your hotel or travel agent is probably the best option.

However it is possible also to take the Metro, Airport shuttle busses, public busses or taxi to reach the Bridge or anywhere else in the city.

If you are arriving as an international passenger on one of the frequent flights such as that from Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Heathrow or JFK then your flight will land a deboard at the new modern Terminal 2.